Tara Benjamin

Our youngest volunteer, dedicated, hard working and determined to make a difference. Having a beautiful young lady like Tara with us will certainly bring a lot of new and fresh ideas on the table. She is truly an inspirational soul.

Thank you for giving us your time.


Marina Sengmuller

I’m 24 years old and I'm from Germany.  I study music production in Berlin at the university for popular culture. My main subject is singing. For my 6th semester I have to do a practical work part and I decided to come to Kenya and do social work.
I choose Kenya and the organization of Farah because for me it is important to do it in an area which is very different to the western civilization. Because I know about the fact that not everyone in the world has the possibility to do what they want because of they circumstances. I want these experiences to help me see and feel how they live to really get their situation.
Another point is that in my studies  success, money and consume are very important besides of other things. But, I recognized that these things are not so  important for me. I want to do something else with my talent and because I love music so much I know about the power of it and what wonderful things you can do with it. I will do some music stuff with the children of the different projects. I also do speech- and music therapy with them. And in the Pangani special school I will also give the children some art lessons. I hope they will enjoy it and learn a lot from it.
In a nutshell, I decided to come to Kenya and Farah’s organization to do something different to the music business, to figure out what I really want to do in future and to learn more about other cultures, people and about me.

Alicia Lockwood

Our most amazing fundraisor in Portugal. She helps both the projects in Kenya and Thailand tremendously. We are ever so grateful to her for all her amazing efforts. 


Kerra Walker

With an impressive background of Training/Business Management and Horticulture, Kerra joined our team in August 2014 to help us manage the HIV/AIDS programs in local schools. Her energy, knowledge and approach is highly commendable.

Thank you Kerra

Gary Michael Foresman


Empowering us to restore and build the environment around us through love and permaculture by supporting projects focusing on ecological restoration and community support and involvement including contributing to workshops in water catchment, food production, and composting with Planting Pamoja.

Andreas Eberhart

Our dedicated Gioto football project volunteer who has really helped the coaches and the team with various football techniques and exercises.
His efforts have really made a huge difference.

Thank you Eberhart!

Rachel Archer

A very dedicated, positive and enthusiastic individual who dedicated her precious time in Kenya to help manage the Education and Sports Program (sponsored by Pink Elephant) in Gioto (sponsored by Football Action). She instantly clicked with the children and thoroughly enjoyed her presence on the field.

We are grateful to Rachel for taking time out to support us.

Federica Turner

Our Programme Facilitator of Our Home Nakuru for 3 months. She worked with us on our projects related to HIV.AIDS awareness and maternal healthcare. Federica came to know about us through our fundraiser Henriette, and decided to come on board in November.

She is very committed to her work and keen on making the project reach a new level.

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