Farah Mushtaq

Co-Founder of Our Roots Kenya and Jimmy's Roots Thailand.

Due to the turbulent and precarious nature of Kenyan politics, Farah has a full time job of contending with its intricacies and fighting to make sure our project can run smoothly.

Trying to pinpoint exactly what Farah’s role is in organisation is rather difficult, but without her the whole project would crumble. 

She is fundamental in terms of fundraising and diplomacy, owing to her extensive, people-oriented skills base.

                Rachel Archer - Trustee and Supporter

Rachel is a beautiful fresh postgraduate from Sheffield who is determined to make a difference. Her area of expertise focuses upon Sports/Education as well as Women/Children Rights. 

Her impressive academic background and grass-root experience is all that is needed for us to help to improve prospects of changing lives...

We are grateful to Rachel for all her love and support.

                             OUR PARTNERS

Football Action uses football to inspire children and encourage education in developing countries.

How do we do this?

  • By building and improving football pitches and facilities
  • By providing sports equipment and clothing to local communities
  • By delivering sports and education programmes in partnership with local schools and charitable organisations
  • By educating and funding local coaches to create sustainable legacies

  • What have we achieved?

    In 3 years we have delivered three new football pitches, equipment and kit for each school, funding for locally trained coaches, sports and education programmes benefiting over 1,000 children and individual scholarships to support higher education.

    CCE are a resource for parents and ministry leaders seeking empowerment for the children in their lives. Our formula for empowerment is to encourage, educate, and equip. We are grateful to CCE and Jacqui Wilson for giving the children 'recognition' and 'acknowledgement' they deserve.

    Individual Supporters

    Mr. Mushtaq Farid

    Mr. Roddy Benjamin

    Kirti Natha

    Chris Steedman, also known Chris Speedman has been supporting our projects since 2012. He has been actively participating in both London and Scottish Stirling Marathons. His efforts are hugely appreciated. 

    Mr. Matti Arielle

    Mr. Shyam Vaghela

    Our Roots