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This event is very similar to running a London Marathon for instance, but, on a tuktuk or a motorbike across African Continent! Began in January 2018, with Tanzania.

- July 2018: Zambia

- February 2019: Rwanda 

- July 2019: Malawi

So far, three African safaris have been accomplished that have been truly magical.

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I will tuktuk Cross Africa for people affected by cancer.

I will tuktuk Cross Africa for Rhinos

I will tuktuk Cross Africa for Elephants

I will tuktuk Cross Africa for brutality against donkeys.

What will you tuktuk for?

If you are interested, please send you details below so we can keep you informed about our preparations towards the event. 

Thank you for joining us on this incredible venture of discovery.
We will update you about the event throughout 2017.
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What we expect from our volunteers is pretty minimal and straightforward. We want you to get as much as you possibly can out of your experience in Kenya working for Our Roots in whichever project suits your talents and passion best. We simply request that you:

• Respect the boundaries of the Kenyan culture when working in your
project, remember we work as a team

• That you be flexible and adjustable. Things with Our Roots moves at a fast pace amongst a slow paced Kenyan background so patience and flexibility is a must

• Farah does not get to visit each project daily, sometimes not even weekly so please email updated reports about your project often

• If you have questions or concerns about anything at all or something makes you feel uncomfortable please tell us, it’s our job to make you feel safe and at home at all times

• We highly encourage you to explore Kenya’s multitude of attractions, wildlife parks, and tourist hot spots. Tell us what you want to do and we will set you up with our numerous connections to get you the best prices and all around experience


Here are some frequently asked questions that our past volunteers have had. If you have any additional questions please feel free to email; [email protected]

1. Who will pick me up at the airport?

We have a reliable driver we use for all of our airport pick up’s. His name is Nick and his contact information is available upon request should you feel you want it ahead of arrival.

2. What is the weather like?

Nakuru is typically sunny and warm. Nakuru’s rain season is March-June and it gets up into the 90’s+ (F) in summer months of late November-early February. Typically during the day it’s Capri/jean and t-shirt weather and at night can get quite cool, enough for sweatpants and a zip-up jacket.

3. What do I do about money?

You can bring your home currency with you and exchange it into Kenyan shillings either at the airport or a local bank. ATM cards also work at any banks and there are plenty of ATM’s to choose from in town.

4. Can I get my visa at the airport or should I apply before?

Yes, you can get your visa either at the airport or apply before you leave to avoid waiting in line at the airport visa stand.

5. What airport should I fly into?

Jomo-Kenyatta Airport—the airport code is NBO

6. How far is Nakuru from the city (Nairobi)?

Depending on traffic it is about 2.5-3 hours to and from Nairobi, however rare, without traffic it can sometimes only take 2.

7. Is it safe?

Nakuru is very safe and has not been affected by any types of conflict in many years. Both housing options are located in gated communities. We advise you to never travel alone after dark and we have personal recommendations for transportation contacts we will share with you upon arrival. When experiencing night life we always travel in groups and carry the least amount of cash/personal items as possible just as a precaution.


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