We are a very small and personal organisation with four main supporters. 

Our Roots Kenya's (ORK) focuses upon 'Community and individual development' programs in Kenya, Thailand and Laos.

We intend to empower through; 

- Education: individual schooling sponsorships

- Sports: boys and girls team in Gioto, Nakuru, Kenya

- Christmas Feed a Family: Food bag distribution to struggling communities and families

- Planting Pamoja: Tree plantation every April

- Cross Africa Tuktuk Safari: co-founder (Farah Mushtaq), travels across two African countries (twice a year) for knowledge, research and understanding of cultures diverse African cultures as well as governance.

- Ground Force Volunteer Ltd (GFV Ltd): Our donor/partner organisation that recurits volunteers and academic researchers in Africa and South East Asia.

Since 2012, ORK has come a long way. We have been able to provide

empowerment and sustainability through laying foundation of 

ownership, responsibility and training programs.

We do not consider ourselves to be a charity but, merely an organisation that works as a team, as a family towards the betterment of people. We work 'for' and 'with' the people.


- To facilitate a progressive and inclusive Kenyan community in which the poorest and most vulnerable citizens work together to empower themselves.

- To help members of the team grow with the programs.

The Founder of Our Roots Kenya branched to Thailand in 2014. Please click here to get information on Jimmy's Roots Thailand 

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